Deeply Rooted
in Community

We’re Oakbridge, a new kind of insurance and risk management agency. We’re on a mission to better serve our communities by transforming and elevating the way business is done in the insurance industry. We are Deeply Rooted in Service.

How Are We Different?

Our business model is built on combining the strengths of an independent agency with the resources and flexibility of a large brokerage. The result is a “best in class” insurance company founded on an unwavering commitment to relationships, service and trust.

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Our History

A Century of Protection

While our name and business model are new, our history of superior service to clients dates back more than a century – and is deeply rooted in the well-being of the communities where we work and live.

A decades-old commitment to protecting our neighbors.

For over 100 years, the founding firms of Oakbridge worked alongside each other in the small towns and cities where we live and work, cultivating similar company cultures, establishing fundamental best practices and earning each other’s respect in the industry.

In 2020, we collaboratively began to envision a way to impact the future of insurance. We’re proud to be forging a decidedly different path, seeking partners that share our core values, appreciating our relationship-based culture and embracing our dedication to elevating the insurance business.

Our ambitious goals are fueled by an abiding desire to support our colleagues, protect our neighbors and improve our communities.

The Oakbridge Name

Strength and Flexibility

When we sought a name that embodied our company, the oak tree immediately came to mind. Ubiquitous across the country, oak trees shelter communities where they thrive. Like the mighty oak, our company has the strength and flexibility to withstand the toughest of storms. Our business approach bridges the gap between small-town values and corporate efficiency.


Deeply Rooted To Serve

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