Coverage Beyond the Rainy Days

Oakbridge believes farmers deserve the best agriculture and farm insurance available to the market. We’ve grown up in agricultural communities across the Southeast and understand firsthand the unique risks and exposures that farming entails.

From unexpected accidents to increasingly unpredictable weather, we know the potential for catastrophic loss. While we can’t prevent unexpected droughts or operational mishaps, we can create a customized, high-value insurance package that covers the risks unique to your operation.

Our coverage plans include personal and farm liability, farm vehicles, structures and irrigation systems, and equipment loss. We also offer a specialty equipment inventory checklist to help you manage your ever-changing equipment schedules.

Oakbridge’s extensive experience in the farm and agriculture sector means we are well-versed and passionate about protecting your investment and helping grow your business.

Oakbridge: Rooted in Agriculture

Creative Consultants

We represent all the major carriers specializing in agriculture insurance. Our expert agents can help mitigate potential risk factors before they become a casualty.

A Helping Hand

Oakbridge is deeply rooted in farming communities. Our people are driven by a sense of service and a desire to help when things may not go as planned. We’re here whenever there’s a need.

Long Term Commitment

We know farming can be fickle. One year bountiful, the next barren. That’s why the Oakbridge approach is long term. Everything we do is based on relationships and the value of sticking to them.

Girl in apple tree collecting apples, mom is below holding a basket for her

Oakbridge: Growing Strong

Let’s customize a program for you.

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