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Insurance Solutions for Public Institutions

Oakbridge has been an integral part of the communities we serve for decades. We are uniquely qualified to provide coverage for a wide range of government entities across the country.

Insuring municipalities is a daunting task. Exposure can be as broad and unique as the territory they cover. Factor in the very real risk of litigation, and it’s not surprising few insurers enter the market.

Oakbridge is different. We leverage our excellent carrier and government relationships and a deep understanding of risk management to provide high-value insurance solutions for government entities.

We know that managing loss before it happens is the most effective means of combating rising premiums and litigation costs. And, our level of service and commitment to value is unmatched.

Deeply Rooted in Communities

Commitment & Stability

For decades, we’ve helped cities, counties and other government entities protect their institutions and plan for the future. Our team is committed to partnering with you to provide solutions for your unique needs.

Trusted Resource

Our risk management professionals tailor flexible plans regardless of complexity or scale. Strong carrier relationships mean we will find a comprehensive coverage plan that’s right for your municipality.

Flexible Solutions

We help thousands of clients protect their homes and businesses and save expenses by reducing risk. We’re well-versed in flexible coverage plans, be it Fleet Protection, Cyber Security or Personal Liability.

Tailored Solutions for Broad Exposure

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