August 19, 2021

The unpredictable global events of the past two years are having an outsized impact on commercial insurance markets. For business owners, understanding these key influences and outcomes can help make the renewal process for property and casualty coverage a much less overwhelming task.

By far the greatest influencer on the P&C marketplace has been the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Deloitte, it fundamentally reshaped the commercial insurance industry. Resulting factors such as general uncertainty, increased exposure, insurer stability, government intervention and geographical variation are still exerting outsized influence on practically every type of industry coverage.

Other factors, including rapid technology advances, real time analytical data, sector growth and competition, climate unpredictability and an aging consumer base are also impacting the commercial P&C lines.

According to, property market losses have created drag on P&C profits resulting in reduced capacity, increased deductibles and rapidly changing coverage terms. The casualty market is undergoing a similar experience, marked by selective underwriting, broad scale rate increases and painfully slow addition of new capacity.

So, how should business owners and financial planners ensure they optimize their P&C spend? Regardless of industry, businesses should take the following proactive postures when considering renewals:

  • Enlist a trusted broker to negotiate on your behalf. An experienced broker, one that’s looking out for your best interests, has dozens of carrier relationships in both the US and London markets. These relationships are extremely useful when seeking the best coverage.
  • Pay close attention to Risk Management. A strong risk management plan – one that anticipates worst possible case scenarios – is the best way to mitigate risk. Consider supply management issues, catastrophe planning, natural disasters and continuity/contingency outlines.
  • Renew from a position of strength. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with your existing coverage structures and premiums. Keep all policies current and paid-to date. Make sure Worker’s Comp claims are filed in a timely manner. And start the renewal discussion with your broker as early as possible.

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