Cal Garretson and Bryan Bearden Named Co-Producers of the Year

Mar 22, 2023

Bryan Bearden and Cal Garretson were named 2022 Co-Producers of the Year by CEO Robbie Smith. Smith made the announcement at Oakbridge’s recent annual sales meeting at Barnsley Gardens in Georgia.

Cal and Bryan were recognized for their focus on proactive risk management, risk transfer and risk mitigation solutions and helping clients manage their overall cost of risk. Additionally, they achieved personal production levels in the top 1% of the industry.

“Cal and Bryan have always performed at an extremely high level, but 2022 was particularly excellent. This award recognizes their successes,” Smith said.

Bryan is a partner based in Alpharetta, Georgia and Cal, also a partner, is based in Macon. Both have been with Oakbridge since its inception. We appreciate your hard work – congratulations gentlemen!

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