Cyber Insurance: Essential for Any Business

Nov 3, 2021

The need for cyber protection conjures headlines of huge conglomerates with breached customer data and large cities being held “hostage” by crypto currency-seeking hackers. While these instances are true and indeed frightening, the need for Cyber insurance extends to any business owner who accepts a credit card, uses a computer or has a bank account. And yes, cyber protection is especially crucial for businesses that conduct commerce online. From the simplest transactions and information to the most complex systems and software, every business is exposed to digital risk.

While we most often think of the harm hackers and hardware failures can cause, the potential for digital loss is broad. Every day, cyber damages include data destruction, theft or extortion, service denial and interruption, privacy and identity compromise, online defamation, and the losses caused by information technology infrastructure exposure. Additionally, one of the greatest causes for concern is loss associated with lapses in internal security protocols.

How then, should a business proceed? Oakbridge helps clients across the Southeast develop and implement strong cyber protection postures.

We know firsthand that a good cyber plan greatly reduces a business’ exposure to digital and online risk. At its core, Cyber coverage helps businesses quickly return to full operations should a loss occur. Forensic services help identify potential security gaps and can greatly aid in determining system outages and nefarious counteractions. Our Cyber insurance experts are well-versed in the latest cyberthreats as well as industry-leading protective software and services. In fact, Oakbridge’s Best Practices and Proactive Services approach ensures the strongest operating posture for all types of businesses.

We’re Oakbridge, a Top 100 Independent Insurance Agency. We’ve been helping protect our neighbors and their businesses for nearly a century. Rely on the team at Oakbridge to help mitigate cyber risk and implement an effective digital protection strategy for you and your business.

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