Oakbridge Simplifies Your Business’ Trucking Operations

Apr 26, 2022

The trucking industry transports nearly 70% of the nation’s goods each year. The nearly $1 trillion dollar industry is responsible, in large part, for making sure consumers have fresh food and essential consumables each and every day. [1]  In fact, trucks haul most of the cargo that keeps America’s businesses running.

For business owners who use trucks to deliver their products or the goods of others, the safe, reliable operation of your fleet is imperative for the profitability of your business. But managing a fleet of vehicles is a complex, time-consuming task. Driver training and safety, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, DOT licensure, background checks, driver history and claims fulfillment all require close oversight and continual management to ensure legal compliance and employee safety.

Oakbridge Insurance has been meeting the needs of trucking companies for decades. We began by working to insure hazardous material haulers and have scaled our business to meet the dynamic needs of most trucking operations.

Our team of transportation experts offers a blend of liability, physical damage, excess and cargo coverage, essential for trucking’s higher coverage limits, heavier and more valuable vehicles and wide variety of cargo hauled.

Beyond basic insurance coverage, Oakbridge offers a full suite of transportation services designed to remove the headaches and guesswork from fleet management. Our specialists tailor programs for fleets as small as 10 vehicles to as large as 500 tractor trailers. Our services include:

Above all else, Oakbridge is committed to providing the highest level of service for your business and your employees. We understand that accidents happen, and our representatives operate with a sense of urgency and a commitment to resolving your claims as quickly as possible.

Additionally, our strong relationships with all the major carriers and our deep experience in the trucking industry means we can create a coverage and transportation management plan that delivers the highest value service at the best possible price. We even offer alternative risk options for carriers with higher risk tolerances and established safety programs.

Let us know how we can structure a transportation plan that meets the very specific needs of your business.

Oakbridge has been helping to protect our neighbors and their interests for over a century. We’re deeply rooted in making your business run more smoothly.

[1] American Trucking Association, 2019 Economics and Industry Data

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