Oakbridge’s Proactive Services Program Leads the Industry in Cost-Effective Risk Reduction

Jul 7, 2022

Oakbridge’s Proactive Services program leads the industry in helping businesses reduce their exposure to risk. Our specialists can help your company structure, implement and run highly effective programs that provide a full range of operational and personnel support and training. Our common-sense approach is designed to reduce risk now in order to save the costs associated with future casualties.

Our exclusive analytics and benchmarking capabilities provide business owners with specific risk exposure in terms of real dollars. We’re able to assess your current operations and, not only provide a detailed analysis of the potential for loss under your current insurance, but also the loss costs associated with increasing or decreasing your coverage. In other words, we help you make informed decisions on the right amount of coverage you need, saving you money now and time and headaches down the road.

Analyzing and benchmarking are just the foundations of our Proactive Services approach. We develop and tailor programs that reduce risk for any type of business, from operationally intense industries such as construction and transportation to the more traditional office environments found at professional service firms.

Our comprehensive approach to risk reduction includes candidate background screening, employee onboarding programs, workplace safety consulting, commercial driver licensure and screening, compliance training, sexual harassment and professional ethics training, cyber security analysis and Workers’ Compensation case management. We handle the preventative work so you can focus on your business.

Oakbridge’s full range of Proactive Services helps protects your business and your most valuable asset – your people. We’ve found over the years that when workers know they’re taken care of, job satisfaction and retention rates rise dramatically. You can rest assured that your investment is operating as safely as possible. More importantly, protecting your people and assets is the right thing to do.

We’re Oakbridge, a Top 100 Independent Insurance Agency. We’re deeply rooted in your success.

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