Proactive Services Team Ensures Your Business and Your Employees Are Covered

Apr 12, 2022

It may seem that successfully operating a business means simply turning a profit. What most business owners know, however, is that making money is just one facet of success. Providing adequate training, ensuring safe workspaces and hiring and retaining the right employees are essential elements of a well-run, and yes, profitable business.

Often, though, staying ahead of the demands of an operations-heavy enterprise is a time and resource-consuming challenge. Without proper foresight and continuous attention, business-essential processes like employee hiring and training and legally mandated programs such as Workers Compensation can become liabilities instead of assets. Rather than be reactive to casualties, a preventative posture alleviates headaches, reduces risk and reduces insurance premium costs.

At Oakbridge, we offer robust, industry-leading Proactive Services for all types of businesses.  Our specialists can help your company structure, implement and run highly effective programs that provide a full range of personnel support and training from application through retirement.

We checked with Bill Brett, our Director of Proactive Services for an overview of the program.

“Oakbridge’s Proactive Services program is designed to help minimize risk and avoid future claims. Our team helps manage essential processes such as candidate offer letters, background checks, drug and motor vehicle record screening and employee handbook development,” Brett explained.  “It’s much easier and cost-effective to take a proactive stance than it is to deal with accidents and claims later.”

Additionally, Oakbridge can provide new employee orientation and training, helping your business ensure new team members are up-to-speed on your business standards. Ongoing training in areas such as OSHA compliance, DOT regulations, sexual harassment, commercial driver licensure, FMLA rules and risk reduction are available.

“We also specialize in all aspects of Workers’ Compensation coverage and can tailor a program to fit your specific needs,” Brett added. “This includes posting requirements, medical screening board selection, training documentation, claims checklists and post-accident reporting.”

Oakbridge’s full range of Proactive Services helps protect your business and your most valuable asset – your employees. “We’ve found over the years that when workers know they’re taken care of, job satisfaction and retention rates rise dramatically. You can rest assured that your investment is operating as safely as possible.  More importantly, protecting your people and assets is the right thing to do,” Brett concluded.

As always, we strive to provide you the best rates and are there as your advocate if and when you have a claim. We’re Oakbridge, a top 100 Independent Insurance agency and we’re deeply rooted in your success.

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