Rainy Day Planning – Navigating Personal and Business Insurance Needs with an Unpredictable Mother Nature

Jul 26, 2021

“What’s up with the weather?” You’re not alone in thinking you hear this question with greater frequency.

Throughout the Southeast, changes in our climate are making it more and more difficult to predict the weather. This uncertainty affects us each and every day. Increased incidents of extreme, damaging weather and a lack of predictability in future events creates a dilemma for individuals and business owners: How best to protect our homes, assets, businesses, lifestyles and livelihoods against an uncertain and everchanging Mother Nature?

A good first step is to revisit your personal and business insurance coverage.

For homeowners and individual investors, proactive insurance planning can help protect the investment you have in your primary residence against unexpected and catastrophic loss caused by extreme weather events. Individuals should also consider reevaluating coverage on second homes, coastal properties and specialty items like boats, jet skis and farms.

For business owners, additional property and casualty coverage can put your mind at ease in the face of increasing uncertainty. Business interruption lines can help get your doors reopened after an unforeseen crisis. For non-compliant coastal properties, Oakbridge offers private market coverage via Lloyd’s of London.

We’re Oakbridge and we’re deeply rooted in the Southeast and have been advising clients on the most effective ways to protect their homes, businesses and investments against potential loss or loss of use for over 50 years. Our team is here to help you best prepare for the unforeseen.

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