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Aug 10, 2022

For business owners and consumers, online insurance may seem like an easy, efficient way to purchase coverage. But offers of one-stop shopping and “instant coverage” are often too good to be true. When a loss eventually occurs, the policyholder may find their coverage limits do not adequately cover the casualty. Worse, they may quickly learn that their insurance provider is a nameless, faceless entity.

Oakbridge Insurance approaches underwriting differently. As a broker, we understand that every person’s or business’ coverage needs are different. That’s why our professionals take the time and put in the effort necessary to create customized coverage that meets the very specific needs of your business or the unique characteristics of your home.

For decades, we have maintained close relationships with the market’s top carriers. We know which ones are able to cover the specific risks of operating complex, operationally intense businesses or owning valuable coastal property.

We work directly with businesses and homeowners to cover your investment should a casualty occur. Once your quote is underwritten, we leverage our long-standing carrier relationships and provide outstanding service, ensuring you’re protected before a loss and during the claim process.

For example, our Homebuilders’ Program is an industry-leading, turn-key risk reduction and comprehensive coverage plan designed specifically for builders of new homes. For coastal properties, our relationship with Lloyd’s of London allows us to avoid the coverage restrictions most carriers place on coastal property insurance and customize your policy based on your property’s very specific characteristics.

Unlike click-and-pay insurance websites, we know all too well that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for adequate coverage. At Oakbridge, we partner with our clients to create insurance solutions if and when a casualty occurs. We’ve been helping to protect our neighbors for over 100 years and we understand the unique needs of the communities we serve.

We’re Oakbridge, deeply rooted in your protection.

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