Employee Benefit Plans

Regain Control of your Employee Benefits Plan

Comprehensive Employee Benefits for win-win scenarios

Robust and competitive employee benefit plans are key to attracting and retaining top talent. Proper benefits selection and management is also crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

At Oakbridge, our goal is to put business owners back in control of their benefits spend. We understand the many challenges of plan selection and administration. As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how out of control healthcare-related costs can be.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of world class benefits packages at 30-40% lower costs. Not only is our pricing better, but we will help you structure an employee-focused plan that’s easy to administer, fully transparent and audit-capable.

We understand your employees are your greatest asset. We’re here to help protect them with cost-effective benefit plans for every business and every budget.

Pledge of Transparency

  • We pledge to lessen administrative burden and enable employers to offer better benefits to their employees.
  • We pledge to disclose our fees up front and continuously.
  • We pledge to work for the best interest of you and your members.
  • We pledge to bring clarity and transparency to every part of your benefits plan.
  • We pledge to prioritize recommendations to deliver the greatest savings with the least disruptions.

No Hidden Incentives

When it comes to providing employee benefits, many employers don’t understand the hidden incentives that drive costs. The Oakbridge Benefits Platform eliminates the waste within the benefits selection process, allowing companies to gain control over their volatile and rising healthcare costs.

Transparency & Clarity

We believe healthcare costs should be fair. That’s why we not only disclose all of our fees upfront, but also bring clarity and transparency to every vendor serving your benefits plan so that you know the value you’re receiving for every dollar spent.

Guaranteed Performance

Working for your best interest, our partnership with you eases the administrative burden and lowers cost. But you need assurance. Our clients’ success gives us the confidence to put our fees at risk in order to guarantee our performance.

Easy Implementation

We know that change can feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to. The Oakbridge Benefits Platform team will guide and assist you every step of the way and your employees will love our intuitive and robust benefits platform. We prioritize recommendations so that you receive the greatest return on investment with the least employee disruption.

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