Weeding Out Risk: Agricultural Insurance Helps Your Farming Operation Thrive

Mar 8, 2022

Today’s agriculture business is a complex, dynamic industry with huge capital demands, razor-thin margins and catastrophic risk at every turn. From unexpected accidents to increasingly unpredictable weather, modern farming requires an exceptional level of foresight, skill and old-fashioned hard work.

Oakbridge believes farmers deserve the best agriculture and farm insurance available to the market. We’ve grown up in agricultural communities across the Southeast and understand firsthand the unique risks and exposures that farming entails. So, whether you’re new to farming or your family’s been at it for generations, the following questions highlight key considerations when choosing coverage:

What kinds of agricultural insurance are available?  There are policies to cover all aspects of your farming operation from the business itself to your employees to the crops and livestock you produce as well as your farm’s revenue.

What kinds of liabilities does agricultural insurance cover?  Business coverage includes, but is not limited to, general liability, product liability, business property, vehicle and employee dishonesty.

What other kinds of coverage should I consider?  Workers’ Compensation is generally required if you have employees (check with your state for specifics). Life insurance for owners and their partners should also be considered and is often necessary when securing a loan.

Are there new factors I should be aware of when looking at risk?  Widespread use of AgTech presents new considerations as do the potential reputational and revenue damages lapses in food safety can cause. Chemical drift is a phenomenon that can ruin crops and impact income. Weather patterns are increasingly unpredictable and can degrade food storage conditions. Lastly, the rise in farm tourism may mean more people on your property in the midst of an already high-risk operation.

Oakbridge’s extensive experience in the farm and agriculture sector means we are well-versed and passionate about protecting your investment and helping grow your business. Our long history in the field enables us to can create a customized, high-value insurance and risk mitigation package that covers the risks unique to your operation.

Oakbridge, a top-100 Independent Insurance Agency, has been covering the needs of farming communities across the Southeast for nearly 100 years.  We’re deeply rooted in your success.

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